Wednesday, 16 January 2013

An International Audience

Yesterday I took at look at the download stats for my 6 students who have recently published to the Apple iBookstore. We were thrilled to discover on the US iBookstore all six of my published students are currently in the top 150 downloads for children's non-fiction books. It was quite awe inspiring to project this screen up in the classroom. We decided to take a small 'world tour' of different iBookstores to see just how many countries are featuring these books. 

We learned that in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK and the Netherlands, some or even all of these students are ranked in the top 200 downloads. That's quite an achievement for a group of 9 year old students.

The books that these kids have written are research-based and focus on a particular body system. The kids had to cite their sources correctly with author, year, title and page number or website and all photos, videos and diagrams were produced my the students themselves.

We also noticed that some students from our school who published last academic year are still ranking. It is obvious that most of the downloading is happening in the US. We have consistently had the most attention from that country. This is being closely followed by the UK and Australia.

What an exciting time to be a student!!


  1. That is wonderful news, Jane! Very exciting indeed.

    I shared a free meetup for educators and parents/grandparents in Oklahoma City this past Friday about creating enhanced ebooks, and "Our Batak House" was the first example we explored together. Thanks again for sharing. What blessed students you have! It's wonderful you're providing opportunities like this for them to learn and share with others around the world.

  2. Thanks Wesley for your comment. I will pass it onto to the young authors.