Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Reading Book Creator Books on a Macbook and More

I was so very excited to receive the newest update for the Book Creator app for iPad last night. This update offers extra support for ePub 3 which now makes it possible to read Book Creator multimedia books on a Macbook or even a Windows computer.

I eagerly tried it out and it works really well! I even tried it on my husband's Windows computer. Take a look!

A lot of my books that I have already made with Book Creator can already work using Chrome with the free Readium app.

Here's how you make it work ...

Download the Chrome browser here and then be sure to add the Readium app from the Chrome store. Get it from here.

Then you click on the + sign to add books from your computer hard drive. Here is a photo of the book  'Our Batak House' made in Sumatra during the Backpack Classroom project being read on a Windows computer. In case you're wondering ... yes all of the voice recordings work well.

Here is a screen shot from within the browser. I am so excited about this development. The new update for Book Creator offers even more support for this. Now you no longer need an iPad to read books that have been created on an iPad. This means that even more people can read the books that we create.
Perhaps even Android might get into this and make an app to support Chrome with Readium?