Friday, 5 March 2010

The Ingenuity of 10 yr Olds

Today, I learned of a 'do it yourself' invisible folder for your Mac. A Grade 5 student here from Sinarmas World Academy was working on his school laptop and I noticed that he had several invisible folders on his desktop. I asked him about them and he told me that he had made his own version of Camouflage which can be downloaded from

Here's what the invisible folder looks like:

It looks like my desktop is empty. But actually I have an invisible folder there. You can click Tab to see it or swipe the mouse over.

See what I mean? Pretty cool huh!

To make this invisible folder, all you do it create a 3 X 3cm square in Photoshop or Pixelmator and make the background transparent by using the magic wand.

Then you export the file as a .gif and drop it into Img2icns software to create a folder out of it.

There you go .... your own invisible folder for secret documents.

Thanks to Riam Tambunan from Grade 5 for this cool technology tip.

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