Saturday, 5 October 2019

2nd JIS Maker Conference 2019

I organised and ran a successful MakerEd Conference at JIS. I worked with several teachers and administrators at my school to plan and run the conference. It was attended by over 15 different schools from all over Indonesia. Our theme was, ‘Fostering the Maker Mindset’. I presented the Keynote about our personal learning program together with Hugo Indratno and I ran a workshop deep dive session on 3D printing and design using MacBooks to access Tinkercad and iPads with merge cubes to preview the 3d object via AR. 

Here we are opening the event together and welcoming the participants.
My biggest take away from this event is that the teachers who attended need further (ongoing) support and have requested that I create a network of schools for MakerEd in Indonesia. I hope to action this in the near future.
My hands on workshop on designing with Tinkercad on MacBook and sending the 3D file to be viewed on a Merge Cube with an iPad.