Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Literably, a Free Online Oral Reading Assessment Tool

What is Literably?

Today I used this new free online reading assessment tool. You sign up, put in your students names and all they do to log in is write the teachers name and choose themselves from the list. I would prefer that each student has a login like in Raz Kids (the teacher generates it) so that student can only access their own page. Perhaps in the future?

Pick levels and readings - Literably supports grade levels, guided reading levels and LEXILE® Measures. Choose readings or let Literably choose them for you. 

Assess one or dozens of students - Each student reads aloud to Literably. You can rotate students through a station or test the whole class at once! 

Get hassle-free data and reports - For each reading, Literably generates an audio recording, a running record, words correct per minute, percentage accuracy and a leveling recommendation (up or down). It also plots student growth over time. 

Share data - Print or email to share with students, parents and administrators.

Here is a short screencast that I made showing the results from Literably. I asked my son to read last night so that I would have an authentic result to share with you all. As you can see the site annotates the text with any mis-reading or pronunciation mistakes. You can hear the original reading by the child so that you can compare it with the results.

Today I took a further step and emailed all of my students their results. I asked them to listen to their recordings and the look at the mistakes. Next I will ask them to read the same reading to see if they can improve their score. This will turn this diagnostic tool into a teaching tool.

Anyway, be sure to check it out http://literably.com 


  1. How soon do you get your results and data back? I just tried it with one of my students, but have no data reported yet.

  2. Your topic was great! Thanks for taking a moment to draft such an interesting piece…