Here is the list of books that I have created/helped to publish to the Apple iBookstore. They are available on all 51 iBookstores. The link here is to the Australian iBookstore but you can just do a title search if you belong to a different iBookstore.

Books Written by Me

Lomba Kapal - Jane Ross
This was the first book that I published using iBooks Author. It is written in Indonesian. I wrote it together with the help of two of my children, John and Taruli.

Challenge Based Learning in Indonesian - Jane Ross 
This is a jointly authored story about a challenge based learning project that I did with my Grade 5 class in 2011-2012. The main idea for this challenge was 'It is our shared responsibility to ensure resources are more evenly distributed'. 

Inspiring Young Authors - Jane Ross
This is the story behind the Backpack Classroom authoring project that I carried out in December 2012 at a small remote village in North Sumatra. The children of the Tambunan successfully wrote 9 books using the Book Creator iPad app that have been published to the Apple iBookstore.

Creating Authentic Stories for iPad: Publishing Student Authors on the iBooks Store

One Best Thing 

Books Written By My Children

Little Fish - John Tambunan
I wrote this book together with my 5 year old son, John. It has been downloaded almost 7,000 times and was featured in the following news articles:
The Jakarta Globe
Cult of Mac 

I Can Swim Now - John Tambunan

This is the second book written together with my youngest son.

Catch a Dragonfly - Taruli Tambunan

This is the first book that was written by my daughter, Taruli.

My three children acted as mentors during the Backpack Classroom project and have all written books during that time. Those books are further down this page under the Backpack Classroom project section.

Books Written by my Students

Just Published!! 

Narrative Stories on Body Systems

The Adventure of Tom Triceps and Brittany Biceps

An adventure story about the Muscular System and Nervous Systems as written by a 9 year old based on her own research.

Ardeila Does a Cartwheel

How can Ardelia do a cartwheel? Find out how her arm muscles and bone work together to make it happen.

The Adventure of Oxylia the Oxygen Bubble

Ever wondered what happens to the air that we breathe in? Find out in this story book.

The Big Adventure of Berry

What happens when Berry is eaten by Daeun? Read this to find out!

Oxy's Adventure 

Meet Oxy the oxygen bubble and find out what happens to her after Luna breathes her in.
Chen Chen Goes to Space - Keily Setiawan
This book launched a publishing revolution in my school. It was written by a Grade 4 student with whom I worked with over several weeks to develop the story and illustrations. 

Threescoop's Snowy Adventure - Nahyeon Kim
This hand painted book was created by a Grade 11 student who dreams of becoming a professional book illustrator. 

All About Threescoop's Snowy Adventure - Nahyeon Kim
This book was created with iBooks Author and tells all about how Threescoop's Snowy Adventure was made.
Technology in Golf - Peter Gunawan
This detailed book was written by a ranked amateur golfer who has a handicap of 4! I coached him through the process of authoring with iBooks Author and helped him to edit his words. Peter was 15 when he wrote this book that is still ranking in the top 10 downloads in Australia a whole year later!

Simple Machines - Juan Pissente
This book was written by my Grade 5 student. It was created using iBooks Author. I helped him throughout the entire process.

The 7 Simple Machines - Shereen Vitantry
This book was written by my Grade 5 student. It was created using iBooks Author. I helped her throughout the entire process.

Green and Guiltless - Elena Lie
This book was written by a grade 10 student as a part of their personal project. It has been fully illustrated using the shape feature in iBooks Author.

The Body System Books Written By My Students

These books were written as a part of the class inquiry into body systems. Every child in the class wrote a book and these books were published to the iBookstore as they are exemplary examples and have met all the criteria for iBookstore publishing. The books were all created using the Book Creator app for iPad. All photos, videos and illustrations were created by the students themselves. All research has been cited within the book.

The Skeletal System - Kayla Kurnia

The Digestive System - Sharon Prijanto

My Inquiry into the Digestive System - Sohye Lee

The Circulatory System - Na Hyeon Kim

The Respiratory System - Xavier Smith

The Nervous System - Stephanie Gunawan

The Backpack Classroom Series

During the December break of 2012 I ran the first Backpack Classroom. This was done at the Tambunan Village in North Sumatra. These are the books that were written by the children of that village. These were all created on iPads using the Book Creator app. The books are all bi-lingual - English/Batak

Our Batak House - Yogi Nainggolan

Written by Yogi and read by Mika Sianipar. This was the first book created and has been widely read across the world in many classrooms.

Riding a Buffalo - Yogi Nainggolan and Taruli Tambunan

A buffalo riding adventure!
My daughter Taruli was the mentor for this book.

Playing Marbles - Bryan, Putra and John Tambunan

Three small boys playing marbles in a remote village in North Sumatra.
My son John was the mentor for this book.

Catching Shrimps at Lake Toba - Isaac and Riam Tambunan

How to catch shrimps in the beautiful Lake Toba.
My son Riam was the mentor for this book.

The story of Toba Coffee - Abraham and Riam Tambunan

How coffee is grown and prepared for sale in North Sumatra.
My son Riam was the mentor for this book.

Manirat Weaving - Lisnawati Siagian and Jane Ross

How to make Manirat weaving as told by the weaver herself.

Animals of the Kampung - Edo Nainggolan and Riam Tambunan

A fun picture book about the animals of a Batak village.
My son Riam was the mentor for this book.

Traditional Cooking at Toba - Angelina Simangungsong and Taruli Tambunan

This is a cook picture book written by an 11 year old girl from Lake Toba with some help from her mentor, Taruli who is also 11.

Batak Marketplace - Mika Sianipar and Taruli Tambunan

This is a simple story telling about what is sold in a Batak marketplace.

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