Sunday, 25 October 2009

Simple Technology and Determination - A Winning Combination

I wanted to share this TED Talk that has inspired me so much. William Kamkwamba also keeps a blog
I think that the quote in the screen capture below from his blog is really moving as is makes me realize just how much I take the Internet for granted.

It makes me wonder 'What can I do to help connect others to connect to the www? Today I visited a government school seeking to raise the quality of its teaching and learning program. The school had two computers, one laptop and one Windows PC for the whole school. The PC was locked up in a cupboard along with a wifi router. It was clear that this computer is rarely used in the teaching and learning process. The school has Internet access but not even the principal had an email address. It made me realize just how much I now take for granted in my current school. It was a sobering moment ...

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