Thursday, 1 October 2009

Term 2 is Fast Approaching!

This term I have set myself two big goals.

Firstly I want to get Studywiz up and running for all the students in the 1:1 program. I have started sand boxing the use of this LMS with Gr 5 as being that they are a PYP class, there are fewer teachers. I will continue this until the end of October by which I hope all bugs have been ironed out of the system.

There are a few challenges to overcome here as we are the only school in Indonesia to be using Studywiz so we are troubleshooting by remote. I really want to use iPod Touch to access the system as so many of our students have them and we have just made a commitment to purchase 12.

To make it even more interesting, I am testing to see what parts of Studywiz support Pinyin for Chinese. Our Chinese teachers (there are 5) are keen to use technology as a tool - if Pinyin is supported.

Goal Two - SWA RADIO
The second goal is to get SWA Radio up and running. My husband gave me the idea to have an online radio based on his working with a team that set up the online radio for the PDI-P political party. I had done some podcasting in the past with a Grade 3 class but this is a whole different league.

We have moved the recording studio to the Admin building. This is a better location as the radio can now be cabled up to the main server at school to make streaming easier. We are planning to live stream every school day. I have been leading an EX or After School Activity for radio announcers. There are 20 kids in the group and wow do they have talent.

We are hiring Left Hand (IT Consultant Team) to set up our system. I have already acquired an iTunes account for the radio

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