Sunday, 18 October 2009

Top 10 ICT Tools That Have Changed Our Lives

The Guardian has listed the top 10 tools that have had the most impact on our lives. This blog post was inspired by a Twitter contact skambalu and this tweet "Updated my blog Ten ICT changes in the last decade‏: There is a very interesting article in the G.."

Here is that list of top 10 tools by The Guardian:

1 Google
2 Wikipedia
3 Twitter
4 Comment Is Free
5 BBC iPlayer
6 iPhone
7 Craigslist
8 Facebook
9 iTunes U
10 Spotify

I would like to write my personal top ten list:
Blogs - I started blogging with a Grade 3 class back in 2006 about 4 years ago. It changed my whole perspective on teaching and learning in the digital age.
Macbook Pro - I bought my first Macbook 2 years ago and after only a few weeks wondered why it took me so long to convert to Mac. Needless to say I am now an Apple Distinguished Educator.
Facebook - this enables me to connect with childhood friends, friends who have moved overseas, family, colleagues, past students and even present students. It is the ultimate social site.
iPhone - it is always in my hand. To have a phone that is so tactile, carries my music, my email, my photos, my videos, connects me to the world and helps me to get to my next destination - what can I say? I love my iPhone
Twitter - awesome, my lifeline, my professional link to the ICT world.
6. iTunes Online Store - it's so easy and fast. Access to music, videos, podcasts and apps.
You Tube - I love to check out You Tube. I learn so much from how to use new software, to what's new, to something creative. Love it!
Google - a constant source of information - anywhere, anytime.
Canon Ixus - always in my handbag, ready to take any picture or video (that happens a lot!) with a sharp image result.
Email - I have taken this one for granted - it has almost become a 'hidden' technology.

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