Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wow Factors with iPads

We have started our 1:1 iPad trial at Jakarta World Academy. Up until this time at Jakarta World Academy, I have been using my iPad with various classes and the mobile set of iPod Touches. Yesterday I got to teach with the iPads in K2. In this trial program the students were issued with an iPad each which they can take home. What I want to learn about is how we can build a system for these children to archive their work easily (probably at this stage by emailing the teacher) and to use these devices effectively in all learning areas.

Wow factors
The iPads have such a large tactile interface which make them perfect for younger learners. What I saw yesterday was a lot of interaction between learners and a lot of fast modelling. Yes the iPod Touch have that touch interface but the screen is small and you really need to hold the iPod in your hand to be able to use it successfully. This can make it hard to look on as the screen must face the user so that they can be accurate with their input. With the iPads what I saw was the child could have the iPad in from of them and the teacher was able to tap and guide without moving the device. This gave the child greater ownership as they could seamlessly have the activity modelled without having to hand the device over.

The second thing that I noticed was how easy it is to cater for differentiation. There are only 6 students in this class but each child was able to work on an activity suited to their level with complete engagement at the same time. Yes I know that this happens in the non-technology classroom - but the level on constant engagement was very intense as the children moved through the task at a pace suited to their own needs.

Yesterday we used many Maths Apps but Lobster Diver was particularly popular. Lobster Diver is a free app and can be found here Lobster Diver

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  1. So exciting! We too will be having a 1:1 iPad program next year in grades jk thru 4th. We are so looking forward to all the learning, differentiation, excitement and engagement these tools will bring to the classroom.