Sunday, 22 December 2019

Online Book Creator App via iPad

I have been a huge fan of the Book Creator ever since it first began. My son John Tambunan was indeed the first child in the world to publish a book with the Book Creator app to the Apple iBooks Store. His book is called 'Little Fish'.

Imagine my excitement when Book Creator online become developed! To be able to use iPads (or MacBooks) to create online books which can be seen and edited by teachers on their own device is so powerful. I started using this app last year in the Makerspace. It is easy to use and has been a great way for students to document their learning in real time. I have hundreds of iTime journals to manage and this tool has made that process much more efficient. It is easy to see the books and you can see all of the ones that have already been published to Seesaw - by the little globe icon. Here is a screen shot of just some of the journals created this quarter.
After this New Year, I am planning to use a template. I have noticed that some of my students do a great job to document their learning but some struggle with including all the details. I have tried many strategies. First I tried using starter sentences on each table. Then I made a display with a checklist of what needs to be included. This did make an impact, but there are still gaps in many of my student books. iTime is such a busy hectic session so the documentation needs to run fairly independently.

I have been chatting with some of the homeroom teachers, and I am planning to try using a template with some of the classes. Here is that template.
I am hoping that this will help my students to better understand what needs to be included. I thought that including a key question for each session will also better direct their reflections. I have also created this display board with sentence starters to help reflections. This display features the JIS learning dispositions of Relating, Resourceful, Resilient and Reflective. 
I really need for student reflections to be more efficient so that it doesn't take away from the project time. Reflection is such an important part of the iTime process as this helps to make the learning more visible and give students an opportunity to make important connections in their learning.

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  1. HI there. I just had a look at your Book Creator Books on the nervous system, digestive system, etc. published in the ebook store. They are fabulous. I am also a Book Creator Ambassador and was wondering if you had a checklist of items the students needed to complete for their book that you would be willing to share? We are going to be doing Explanation Text Features and I absolutely love your idea. Thank you Tama Trotti